Careers at Wiggin

A Message From The Chair

Welcome to Wiggin and Dana's career website, and thank you for considering what I like to call the Wiggin and Dana Alternative.

You have a right to be skeptical. As you look at website after website, you realize that most law firms characterize themselves as special places to work, often through references to teamwork, excellence and collegiality. We have all of that and more. So what makes us different?

Well, for one thing, we like being an independent firm, and have no desire to morph into a much larger firm. For another, our associates are trained from the start to assume major responsibilities early in their careers. Here's one you probably haven't heard before: we compensate our partners based on their total contributions to the firm, which means that we actually do work as a team. (You can learn a lot about a firm by asking how it determines partnership compensation. Note to self: it's not a good sign if you don't get a straight answer.)

I could go on, but my point is that you do have a choice. If you would like to learn more about the Wiggin and Dana Alternative, please let us know, and good luck in your search.

Paul Hughes
Managing Partner