On-Campus Interviews

In 2019, Wiggin and Dana will be participating in the following on-campus interview programs, job fairs and resume collections.

On-Campus Interview Programs and Job Fairs

DateLaw SchoolInterviewer
January 10, 2019University of Connecticut Cultural Diversity InitiativeJenny Chou
July 30, 2019Notre Dame New York City Interview ProgramPatti Melick
August 1, 2019FordhamSapna Palla
August 2, 2019NEBLSA Job FairSarvesh Mahajan
August 5, 2019BrooklynJoe Casino
August 7, 2019HowardSarvesh Mahajan
August 8, 2019St. John'sJenny Chou
August 9, 2019GeorgetownKevin Carroll
August 9, 2019Lavender Law Career FairToby Bannon and Mike Kasdan
August 13, 2019QuinnipiacMike Clear
August 14, 2019University of ConnecticutCaroline Park and Joe Merschman