2010 Corporate Compliance Conference

April 20, 2010

Connecticut Hospital Association, Wallingford, CT

Perspectives on False Claims Enforcement

Panelists will utilize case studies to illustrate the effect of recent amendments to the federal False Claims Act and Connecticut's new False Claims Act.  Topics covered will include:

  • how False Claims Act investigations get started,
  • the role of the whistleblower,
  • parallel investigations (civil and criminal),
  • "reverse false claims", and
  • issues related to retention of overpayments.

James I. Glasser, Partner, Wiggin and Dana
Joseph W. Martini, Partner, Wiggin and Dana
Richard Molot, AUSA Civil Health Care Coordinator, United States Attorney's Office, District of Connecticut
Anne Thidemann, Civil Health Care Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut
Maureen Weaver, Partner, Wiggin and Dana

Harnessing the Power of Social Media - Managing the Legal Ramifications

Social media applications, including blogs, social networking, and video sharing have exploded in popularity and are now used by employers and employees in almost every workplace.  Social media use also poses risks.  As we become more dependent on social media for business purposes, questions surrounding employees' and employers' respective rights and responsibilities abound.  This session will examine the various laws and issues that come into play with social media usage in the workplace.

Mary Gambardella, Partner, Wiggin and Dana