Asia Tomorrow: Emerging Economic Powers of Asia

March 28, 20094:45pm
Yale Chittenden High Haven, CT 06511
Yale University
Lindsey Chittenden Hall

Today, the dynamics of power are shifting. The emerging markets of Asia are blooming into economic, social, political, and academic powerhouses, and corporations are riding the wave of globalization and international expansion.

In tomorrow's world, the notion of being "multinational" is increasingly instrumental to success. It is important to educate the future leaders of business, politics, and academics about the wealth of global opportunities created by the emerging economic powers of Asia. We hope to bring this education process to Yale University, by organizing a conference that brings together leaders from economic powers of Asia to speak to motivated, passionate students that will rise up to the task of global leadership in their futures.

The Impact of the Financial Crisis on Asia
3:45 - 4:45 p.m.

Today's global financial turmoil has dominsated headlines and left no market unscathed. The impact of The Global Financial Crisis on Asia will explore how the crisis has affected Asia and how Asia will respond moving forward. The panelists will present government, business, and academic perspectives on the crisis, what it means to Asia, and the future risks and opportunities for the continent.

Zhiwu Chen, Professor of Finance, Yale University
Mark W. Heaphy, Partner, Wiggin and Dana
Dr. K. Thomas Liaw, St. John's Professor of Econ and Finance
Raghav Nandagopal, General Partner, Exigen Capital