Connecticut Health Lawyers Annual Symposium

November 30, 200112:00pm
Hawthorne Inn, Berlin, CT
Health Law Update - Federal & State
  • Louis Todisco, Murtha Cullina - Federal Update
  • Catherine Baatz, Wiggin & Dana - State Update

How to Keep Your Health Care Clients Out of Jail

Colleen Martin, Assistant Regional Inspector General, Office of Inspector General
  • Current Areas of Health Care Fraud Enforcement
  • When does a Civil Case Become a Criminal Case
  • Areas of Potential Fraud that Are of Specific Concern
  • Impact of Compliance Programs on Fraud and Abuse in Health Care
  • Voluntary Self Disclosure

Gates Garrity-Rokous - Wiggin & Dana
(Former Criminal Health Care Fraud Coordinator, U.S. Attorney's Office, Connecticut)
  • Current Trends in Federal Health Care Fraud Prosecutions
  • Case Studies: New Substantive Areas and Investigative Tools

Peter Hull - Cummings & Lockwood (Former Assistant U.S. Attorney)
  • Responding to Federal Criminal Investigations and Prosecutions
  • Privilege Issues
  • Who is the Client and When Should Separate Counsel be Retained for Individuals
  • Dealing with Searches and Search Warrants
  • Dealing with Subpoenas

Panel Questions
  • J. Michael Eisner - Wiggin & Dana
  • Michele Volpe - DelNegro, Feldman & Volpe
  • Paul Knag - Cummings & Lockwood