De-risking the Target: Securing Long-Term Value Across Multiple Early Stage Target Deals

May 17, 2012
Boston, MA

Innovators with platform technologies for screening molecular targets and discovering drug candidates may wish to license their technologies to multiple partners. These iterative, concurrent licenses can maximize the IP portfolio's value by enabling the innovator to secure robust R&D funding and pursue multiple uses through parallel projects. Permitting several partners access requires terms that permit fair, non-overlapping use. Licensors must coordinate FTO issues, gatekeeping, field limitations, exclusivity mechanisms, grantbacks and reversion rights to preserve long-term access to IP generated under each program. A reasoned approach can yield a clear path to successful licensing.

Patricia Melick, Partner, Wiggin and Dana
Sandhya Kilaru, Associate, Wiggin and Dana
Lesley Stolz, Vice President, Business Development, Sutro Biopharma
Robin Walker, Associate General Counsel, Biogen Idec