Fair Pay: How Pay Equity Regulations are Transforming Compliance and Culture in Connecticut & New York

January 31, 2019 at 11:30am1:30pm
Stamford Yacht Club

97 Ocean Drive

Stamford, CT 06902

Join Wiggin and Dana LLP & ADP as they discuss best practices to address pay equity challenges and recent state legislation.

In the session, we will discuss:

  • Pay equity overview and the trends we are seeing
  • How varying multi-state legislation creates complexity
  • The steps necessary to analyze jobs for statistical comparisons
  • The impact pay equity can have on attracting and engaging talent
  • The process for addressing and remedying observed disparities
  • Creating policies and practices that support a fair pay culture

Mary Gambardella was asked to provide speakers from the Labor and Employment and Benefits group to present various employment law topics at seminars hosted by ADP for its clients. The first one took place on January 31, and Christine Wachter spoke on Pay Equity laws. Mary Gambardella will present at the next seminar scheduled for March 14 in Farmington.