Great Ideas, Valuable Inventions: Patents and Technology Transfer

December 7, 2011
The Schumann Auditorium in the Tagliatela College of Engineering, Room B120

Your team is working on an exciting new project. You want to share your results with others – but you may also have novel intellectual assets that could have commercial implications. Is legal protection important? Where to go? What to do? UNH has resources to help.

At this Event, Patent and Technology Transfer experts will help you learn more about:

  • Resources available to you
  • What an invention is
  • How ideas become inventions
  • How patents protect an invention's value
  • When Inventions become commercial opportunities
  • Developing a commercial opportunity with UNH technology transfer
  • Benefits for UNH inventors

The above points will be presented in the context of the new changes in U.S. Patent Law that have been enacted several months ago. So the presentation should offer valuable information for both IP beginners as well as ‘experienced hands'.


Todd E. Garabedian, Ph.D., Wiggin and Dana LLP
Jay H. Anderson, Wiggin and Dana LLP
Ben Muskin, UNH's technology transfer consultant and advisor