How Will the Fallout Shake Your Family Business?

May 14, 20029:00pm
New Haven Lawn Club, New Haven, CT.
The Program:
  • What went wrong?
  • Wasn’t anyone watching?
  • How do I know if my advisors are doing a good job?
  • What documents should I retain and destroy?
  • What are the rules about that?
  • What regulations will impact my family business?
  • What are the implications for my investments?
  • What are my responsibilities to my employees? Investors?
  • What are my obligations to regulatory agencies?

Part 1
Jeff Keeler, former director of Environmental Strategy for Enron, witnessed the collapse from the inside. After many years, Jeff found himself without his job and his 401(k). As a poignant introduction to our Program, he will share his experience and the things he learned.

Part 2
While changes resulting from the Enron collapse are designed to protect against corporate greed, many will have an impact on your businesses. We can take something positive away from these unhappy events by learning to ask the right questions, in order to ensure that our businesses, employees and families don’t fall victim to those with dubious intentions.
We will look into the areas of
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Investments
  • Law

We have assembled a team from our Sponsors - Bailey Schaefer and Errato, Deutsche Bank, MassMutual and Wiggin & Dana - to answer your questions.

1. What are the implications for you in all this?
2. What should you be expecting from your advisors?
3. What should you be talking to your advisors about?

We will raise issues you may not have thought of. Our Sponsors will help us better understand the role of our advisors in safeguarding families, businesses and employees. We will explore the effects of new regulations and of changing attitudes in finance and investments.