HR Circle Breakfast Meeting

October 16, 2002
None Specified
Bill Simons, a partner in our New Haven office who specializes in intellectual property law, will discuss:

What Every HR Professional Needs to Know About Protecting the Company’s Intellectual Property. Intellectual property issues are intersecting with employment law matters more frequently than ever before. For example, non-compete cases frequently involve questions of disclosure of confidential information, theft of trade secrets and proprietary information; the same is true with discharge and breach of loyalty cases involving employees who have had access to privileged information that is important to the employer’s competitive position in the marketplace.

Bill will offer practical advice for anticipating and avoiding intellectual property issues, including how to draft appropriate employee policies and agreements, put confidentiality procedures in place, conduct thorough exit interviews and properly retaining records.

Wiggin & Dana periodically hosts a breakfast session that includes a discussion of topical issues led by an authority in the field. Audience participation is encouraged and attendees have commented on how they enjoy the opportunity to exchange ideas with their peers at other organizations. Sessions are brief, but informative, and enable you to minimize disruption in your workday while staying on top of important issues.