Intellectual Property - What is it?

June 6, 2006
WBDC at the Stamford Campus of the University of Bridgeport
Monica Bhattacharyya, Elizabeth Galletta and Carrie Hanlon, associates at Wiggin and Dana, will present a 2-part program on June 6 and June 13 titled "Intellectual Property - What is it?"

Designed with the layperson in mind, this course will cover what the entrepreneur needs to know, including what you can do on your own, what requires retaining an attorney, and defensive advice on what to do if someone else accuses you of violating their intellectual property rights. Session one of this two-week course, led by Ms. Hanlon, will focus on trademark and copyright issues. Session two, led by Ms. Galletta and Ms. Bhattacharyya, will focus on patents and trade secrets. The two sessions will overlap and build off of one another, so attendance at both is recommended.

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