Law and Electrons: Computers, Copyright, Telecommunications, Privacy and Security on Campus

November 7, 20075:30pm
The Ritz-Carlton, Washington, DC
Beyond Facebook: New Virtual Technologies and Their Impact On Campus Communities

Overview of Wikis, blogs, podcasting, social networking sites, text messaging and other virtual world technologies:

  • What are these technologies and how do they work?
  • Who controls them and who can be held responsible for their content?
  • What records are created through these technologies?
  • Faculty and student use of new technologies for academic research

Overview of legal and policy issues involved in:

  • Self-publication on new technologies by students, staff and faculty
  • University use of new technologies to gather information about applicants, students, staff and faculty
  • University use of new technologies to communicate and disseminate information to the campus community
  • Internal and external access to and use of records created through new technologies
  • Use of new technologies in classroom instruction and distance education

Aaron Bayer, Moderator, Partner, Wiggin and Dana
Beth Cate, Speaker, Associate General Counsel, Indiana University
Tracy Mitrano, Speaker, Director of Information Technology Policy, Cornell University
Steve Worona, Speaker, Director of Policy and Networking Programs, EDUCAUSE

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