Lessons for Nonprofits: Avoiding Endowment Issues

November 17, 2009
New Haven Lawn Whitney Haven, CT

Endowment gifts exist in perpetuity.  That's a long time, during which your organiation, and the environment in which it operates, inevitably changes.  The restriction agreed to 30 years ago, last year, or next year may become difficult to honor or just not be a good idea.

Laws and accounting rules governing endowments change, as both have in the last two years.  Investment markets go up and down.  Nonprofits need to know what can be done to navigate current problems and avoid future issues in endowment stewardship.

The program will cover:

  • The new legal and accounting framework for managing endowment funds, including underwater funds.
  • Legal and practical issues in soliciting, accepting, managing and spending purpose-restricted gifts.
  • The circumstances under which relief can be obtained from a restricted gift whose purpose is no longer capable of being fulfilled as the donor directed
  • The role of the Attorney General's Office in enforcing the terms of endowment gifts, with advice on interacting with it

For further information, please contact Brenda Jacobson at 203.498.4341 or [email protected]