Managed Care Contracting

May 12, 2011

110 Barnes Road, Wallingford, CT

This program will cover legal and practical issues arising from managed care contracting and pertaining to commercial managed care payor relationships. The program will review the basic components of a managed care contract and their significance and will offer practical tips and strategies for negotiating commercial managed care arrangements.

The program will:

  • discuss current trends in managed care contracting and negotiation positions typical of managed care payors
  • review sample managed care contract provisions and discuss their legal and practical significance
  • explore practical challenges in negotiating managed care contracts and payor relationships, and options for addressing them
  • outline basic antitrust principles pertinent to managed care contracting
  • discuss the antitrust implications of joint contracting with third party payers and the messenger model
  • review when exchange of managed care contract information with other health care providers is permitted

Michelle Wilcox DeBarge, Partner, Wiggin and Dana
Erika Amarante, Partner, Wiggin and Dana