Managing Retirement Plan Risks in 2003 - Fiduciary and Legal Challenges

May 1, 20039:30am
Wiggin & Dana Stamford Office 400 Atlantic Street, 7th Floor Stamford, CT
Join us to hear what our experts have to say about the changing landscape of fiduciary responsibilities and associated risks that retirement plan sponsors face in the upcoming year.

Fiduciary Responsibility and Legal Risks

  • Fiduciary obligations
  • Post-ENRON legislation and litigation - not just an employer stock issue
  • Department of Labor position
  • Most common trouble spots
  • How to identify and address your plan’s legal risks
Implementing a Prudent Investment Process
  • Understanding your fiduciary investment obligations
  • Fiduciary performance standards
  • Ways to manage and delegate fiduciary responsibilities
  • Implementing an investment policy and monitoring process
  • Focusing on investment process not “results”
Financial Implications of Investment Risk
  • Types of risks for pension plans
  • Tools for managing cash contributions and pension expense
  • Chris Lindgren, Benefits Counsel, Wiggin & Dana
  • Timothy C. Burns, CFA, President and Chief Investment Office of H&H Solutions, Inc., the investment advisory affiliate of Hooker & Holcombe, retirement plan actuaries and consultants.