Opening Connecticut's Courts: How Far Have We Come, How Far Do We Need To Go

January 14, 200812:00pm
Mancheski Executive Seminar School of University, Hamden, Connecticut
Attorney Aaron S. Bayer, a partner in the law firm of Wiggin and Dana and chair of its national appellate practice group, Vice President of CFOG, and a leading expert on First Amendment rights.


  • Hon. David M. Borden, Retired Senior Associate Justice, Connecticut Supreme Court;
  • Hon. Michael R. Sheldon, Judge, Connecticut Superior Court;
  • Professor Richard S. Kay, University of Connecticut School of Law;
  • Rep. Michael P. Lawlor, Co-chair, Judiciary Committee, Connecticut General Assembly;
  • Morgan McGinley, former Editorial Page Editor of the New London Day and current Chairman of the Connecticut Council on Freedom of Information.

Some of the issues that will be discussed are: cameras in the courts, access to court records on-line, the need for a constitutional amendment delineating the rule-making function of the judicial and legislative branches and ensuring that the judicial branch is truly open to the public, and statutorily amending the definition of the judicial branch's "administrative functions" to clarify which of its functions are subject to Connecticut's Freedom of Information Act.

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