Patent Law Fundamentals for Attorneys

November 6, 20011:30pm
CBA Law Center, New Britain
4.0 Hours CLE Credit, Includes .5 Hour Ethics Credit

About the Program

Patent law continues to grow in importance as more businesses are focused on applications of new high technologies. More than ever, attorneys today must understand the basic principles of patent law in order to counsel their business clients properly. This seminar will present basic concepts of patent law, including patentable subject matter (including business methods), formal requirements for patent applications, inventorship, ownership, and understanding the "scope" of an invention. Alternatives to patent protection, as well as licenses and other contractual issues, will also be discussed.

Who Should Attend

This seminar is designed as an introduction for attorneys with limited experience in patent law and as a review and update for those who need to reacquaint themselves with intellectual property concepts.

You will learn
  • Roots of Patent Law; constitutional grant
  • Patentable subject matter
  • Basic requirements for a patent: utility, novelty, obviousness, written description
  • Differences between inventorship and ownership, assignments, licenses
  • How to obtain a patent
  • Patent term
  • Legal scope of a claimed invention
  • Foreign patents
  • Alternatives to patent protection
  • Licenses and other contractual issues