Protecting Your Intellectual Property Rights in China

October 9, 2017
Wiggin and Dana New York Office

Wiggin and Dana partners, Joseph Casino and Michael Kasdan, will be presenting at a seminar series about protecting your intellectual property rights in China. They will be giving the presentation, "Use Of A Global Patent Portfolio On Licensing And Litigation Strategy."

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Program description:

Are you currently or planning in the near future to manufacture goods and/or sell goods/services in China? It is never too early to ensure proper protection of your intellectual property in China. Learn first-hand from other U.S. businesses' experiences in entering and operating within the Chinese market, and get advice from Beijing-based IP attorneys. This seminar series will be jointly hosted by skilled practitioners from the U.S. and China to discuss real-world scenarios and strategies to ensure that your business and your intellectual property are properly protected.

The speakers and the topics of discussion will be:

Joseph Casino and Michael Kasdan, Intellectual Property Attorneys, Wiggin and Dana
Use Of A Global Patent Portfolio On Licensing And Litigation Strategy

Having a global strategy for IP enforcement has become crucial. Understanding how to license and enforce a global portfolio is crucial to get value from IP. Many questions arise, do you fight in your home court or where the infringer has the most exposure? What remedies are available? What is the speed to conclusion in various jurisdictions? What are the costs?

Brandy Baker, Of Foreign Counsel, KangXin
China business and the IP landscape

Ms. Baker's speech will focus largely on establishing ideal intellectual property and business strategies for both large and small entities who enter the Chinese market as well as providing enforcement advise for foreign brand and IP owners facing issues with infringers.

Gary Wu, Patent Attorney, KangXin
Enforcement of patent rights in China
If your goods are manufactured or sold in China, you will undoubtedly encounter a patent enforcement issue, whether it is defending your patent rights as a defendant in an bad faith infringement case and concurrently initiating an invalidation proceeding against a Chinese patentee, or filing suit as a plaintiff against defendants for willful infringement, learn about key litigation strategies to enforce your patent rights no matter what side of the "v" you fall on.

Celia Li, Trademark Attorney, KangXin
How to protect and enforce trademarks in light of recent judicial developments including its synergy with unfair competition litigation

In China, the protection and enforcement of trademarks is a rapidly evolving sector of litigation, and compensatory damage awards are increasing in connection with concurrent unfair competition litigation. The ocean of opportunities in China is wrought with pirates both big and small, whether it is from enemy pirates or a munity from onboard on your own vessel, learn how to reinforce your hull, navigate litigation and find safe harbors and treasure troves, learn how foreign brands in China are being awarded judgments that are tantamount to those in western countries. Learn about specific enforcement strategies geared to foreigners doing business in the Chinese market.