Structuring, Administering, and Investing Charitable Endowments, Part I

April 19, 2011

Charitable endowments are crucial for the support of charities providing health care, education and other basic human services. Without endowments, most charities could not exist. But endowments are very complex entities, involving a maze of legal, tax and accounting requirements. They have also drawn increasing scrutiny from state attorneys general, the IRS and donors after several recent high-profile instances of abuse. This program will cover recent changes to the law governing charitable endowments, provide a framework of decision points for attorneys advising charities on establishing a new endowment or restructuring an existing one, releasing or modifying donor restrictions on funds, discuss officer and director financial liability, and review the law governing the investment of charitable funds.

Day 1: April 19, 2011:

  • Review of recent changes to the law governing charitable endowments
  • Framework of considerations and decision points for establishing a new endowment
  • Structuring funds to provide maximum flexibility to the endowment and satisfy donor demands
  • Methods to modify or remove donor or board imposed restrictions on funds