Tackling Ethical Issues Arising in Federal Criminal Cases

June 16, 2011
14 Vesey Street, 2nd Floor Auditorium, New York, NY

A distinguished panel of experts will discuss the difficult ethical issues confronting practitioners involved in federal criminal cases – from both the defense and prosecution sides. Hypothethicals will be used to illustrate some of the complex ethical problems faced by federal criminal attorneys in daily practice.

Some of the issues/questions to be addressed include:

  • Can an attorney reveal a client's guilt if the client sues the attorney?
  • Current issues in professional responsibility and criminal advocacy – what happens when the two clash?
  • Can an undercover investigation include seeking access to social media sites?
  • When to seek withdrawal as counsel – how to deal with the warning signs.
  • Replacement of defense counsel – what can the lawyer discuss with the new defense counsel?
  • Plea acceptances – ethical issues involving use, discovery and destruction of evidence.
  • Electronic evidence – ethical issues involving use, discovery and destruction of evidence.
  • What does defense counsel do when client who is out on bail fails to show up for appointments?
  • Dealing with typical ethical lapses resulting in Grievance filings before the Second Circuit.
  • Update on future ethical dilemmas in federal criminal arena.

Panel Faculty:
James I. Glasser, Partner, Wiggin and Dana

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