The Fundamentals of Workers' Comp in Connecticut

February 25, 20024:00pm
Farmington, CT
A Comprehensive A to Z Guide to Workers’ Comp Management and Compliance in Connecticut.

Led by one of Connecticut’s leading workers’ comp attorneys:
Joan Allen Rowe, Esq. — Wiggin & Dana LLP

Attend this definitive event and you will:
  • Learn all about the key provisions of workers’ comp law in Connecticut
  • Understand how recent court decisions and legislation will impact your organization
  • Discover how to better manage risks to cut your Workers’ Comp costs
  • Hear the latest in best practice workers’ comp administration
  • Completely understand OSHA and its interaction with workers’ comp
  • Know the critical steps you must take in the first 24 hours after an accident
  • Receive essential forms, timelines and posting and reporting requirements
Module 1: Objectives and Workings of the Workers’ Compensation System: The ‘No Fault’ Premise.
Module 2: Understanding the Nature of Workers’ Comp Benefits.
Module 3: Best Practices in Workers’ Compensation: How Model Administration Cuts Costs.
Module 4: What You Need to Know About the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
Module 5: Workers’ Compensation Compliance in Connecticut: Forms, Schedules, Benefits and Adjudication.
Module 6: First Responses: Critical HR Tasks in the 24 Hours Following a Workplace Injury.