Art and Museum Law Update

April 30, 2015

It's been a busy six months, and we thought we'd drop a quick note to let you know some of what we've been up to . . .

Conflicts and investigations

  • Represented auction house in connection with federal grand jury investigation in New York;
  • Recovered paintings for Philadelphia artist unlawfully held by dealer;
  • Represented European nation in case claiming that art collection was subject to forced sale in Nazi era;
  • Assisted in litigation resulting from border seizure of South American antiquities;
  • Represented U.S. museum in federal appeal involving claim to a Van Gogh painting previously seized in Soviet era;
  • Represented London underwriters of Manhattan gallery in seeking recovery against the City of New York for water damage caused by water main break;
  • Represented investors in art investment fund in New York seeking damages against investment manager.

Transactions and planning

  • Advised antiquities collector in connection with plans to sell collection;
  • Represented a Dutch museum in a loan for works of art by U.S. private collector;
  • Assisted several related U.S. art museums re-writing their standard loan contract;
  • Advised contemporary conceptual artist on copyright issues relating to foreign foundation;
  • Drafted in-loan and out-loan agreements for historical museums
  • Negotiated sponsorship agreement to fund traveling exhibit

Best wishes,
Jonathan, Joe and Dave – and the rest of the Wiggin and Dana Art and Museum Law team