CLT - Vision, Contribution and Achievement 2003

November 12, 2003
The Connecticut Law Tribune, November 2003
One hallmark of a leader is the willingness to champion causes.  Advocacy comes in many forms:  working to advance a specific area of the law to protect the rights of a certain group, or to promote access to the law for all.  The Connecticut Law Tribune's Advocacy of the Law award winner spans all of those areas.
In an age of terrorism, the stakes for civil liberties are exponentially greater.  But Jonathan Freiman does more than philosophize about the issues.  As senior counsel of the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights, he’s been at the forefront of the fight to insure that the foundation of justice on which our nation is built remains intact.  The committee, an alliance of conservative and liberal public interest groups, has been particularly combative about the detention of Jose Padilla, being held – but not charged – for allegedly plotting with al Qaeda to donate a bomb in Chicago.  His current work reflects passions evident earlier. 
Jonathan received his J.D. from Yale Law School in 1997.  He earned the Charles Albom Award for excellence in appellate advocacy as well as litigation awards from the Florida Supreme Court and the Cuban American Bar Association.  After graduation, he clerked for Judge Louis Pollak, a former dean of Yale Eastern District of Pennsylvania and by designation on the First Circuit and Third Circuit Courts of Appeals.  Jonathan then returned to Yale Law School to serve as a Robert L. Bernstein Fellow in International Human Rights and then as Orville K. Schell Fellow.  In both fellowship positions, he continued to work on a range of appellate issues and other matters as a private consultant for Wiggin & Dana and for clients like the Soros Foundation’s Open Society Institute.
Wiggin & Dana and the Connecticut Law Tribune congratulate Jonathan M. Freiman, chosen as a new Leader of the Law and recipient of the Advocacy of the Law award, demonstrating exceptional efforts furthering the interests of the law, the profession, or the public.