Connecticut Democrats have retained Aaron Bayer to Assist in Reapportionment Commission Map Redistricting

December 22, 2011

Wiggin and Dana's Appellate Partner Aaron Bayer has been retained by the Democratic members of the state Reapportionment Commission to handle the Congressional redistricting litigation that is now in the Connecticut Supreme Court. Under the Connecticut Constitution, when the Reapportionment Commission failed to agree on the lines for Congressional districts, the responsibility to adopt a redistricting plan shifted to the Supreme Court. That has never happened before. Mr. Bayer submitted a brief to the Supreme Court on Wednesday, December 21st, proposing a process for the Court to use in evaluating and deciding upon a redistricting plan. The brief urged the Court to respect the existing district lines to the extent possible, using a limited process to make only those few changes required to equalize the population in each district, as the constitution requires.

For more information about the redistricting debate, read Both Sides Ask The Court To Solve Map Dilemma In Different Ways, from the web site CT News Junkie, click here.