David Ring Quoted in Connecticut Law Tribune

April 28, 2014

Wiggin and Dana Partner David Ring was quoted in an April 25, 2014 Connecticut Law Tribune article titled, "Second Circuit Vacates Convicted Mortgage Scammer's 16-Year Verdict." The article discusses a recent appellate court decision to remand a multi-million dollar mortgage fraud case back to the U.S. District Court for resentencing.

In 2010, William Trudeau was found guilty of two charges for fraud and conspiracy and was sentenced to sixteen years in prison. The case was sent back to U.S. District Court Judge Janet C. Hall based on her understanding at the time of sentencing that the maximum Trudeau faced was 20 years, instead of 40 years.

In the article, David comments on whether this case will be eventually reviewed by the Supreme Court, saying that "It's too early to say whether this case in particular will lead to a look by the high court, but it's not likely, because the Second Circuit rejected the argument that the sentence was disproportionate or improper."

David further comments, "Because the decision to remand Trudeau's case for resentencing was limited to one particular issue of what the judge understood was the maximum under sentencing guidelines were, there will very likely be no difference in the outcome."

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