Federal Circuit Affirms Federal Court Decision Argued By Wiggin and Dana Attorneys

October 20, 2017

Law360 reported today on a major appellate victory earned by Wiggin and Dana for its client Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems Corp. In a decision released yesterday, a unanimous panel of the Federal Circuit held that a federal district court in Seattle erred in concluding that German aeronautics giant Lufthansa had described an invention for an airline power supply with sufficient clarity. Because the inventors had not described the control system clearly enough, the Federal Circuit held the patent invalid, ending Lufthansa's patent infringement lawsuit against Astronics.

Wiggin and Dana attorneys Jonathan Freiman, James Bicks and Benjamin Daniels represented Astronics in the appeal. Law360 quotes Mr. Freiman, who argued the appeal, as telling the panel that the mechanism to which Lufthansa pointed as the control system was "just an on and off switch." That was not enough, he reportedly said: "We're talking about the brains here." Law360 reported Mr. Freiman as commenting after the decision that the Federal Circuit's decision finding Lufthansa's patent "too vague to be valid" was "entirely consistent with its precedent."

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