Newsletter of the ABA Section of Antitrust Law's Consumer Protection Committee

December 13, 2004
American Bar Association

The Consumer Protection Update returns. In this issue, Steven B. Malech, a Wiggin and Dana associate, discusses the a long-standing but infrequently-invoked defense to restitution claims known as the voluntary payment doctrine.

This issue also includes:


  • The FTC’s Project Scofflaw: “Go to Jail. Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect $200” by J. Reilly Dolan
  • The Voluntary Payment Doctrine: A Potential Bar to Restitution Claims by Steven B. Malech
  • FTC v. D Squared Solutions: An On-Line Application of the FTC’s Unfairness Doctrine by Deborah Matties
  • Revisiting Attorneys’ Fees: A Catalyst for Change to the California Private Attorney General Statuteby Luanne Sacks and M. Todd Jenks
  • Remembrance of Things Pasta: The Eighth Circuit Addresses Pufferyby Victor F. DeFrancis