Wiggin and Dana Appellate Attorney Argues Historic Case

January 10, 2005
Jonathan Freiman, an attorney in the national appellate practice group at Wiggin and Dana, argued the merits in the Jose Padilla "enemy combatant" case on remand from the U.S. Supreme Court in South Carolina on Wednesday, January 5, 2005.
Reports of the argument were carried on National Public Radio.  Press accounts ran throughout the nation, appearing in outlets from Alaska to Florida including: Chicago Tribune, Washingtonpost.com, NYTimes.com, NBC6.net, Associated Press and locally in Carolina Channel.com
As a public service in this case, Wiggin and Dana maintains a Jose Padilla "Enemy Combatant" Resource Center  that allows easy access to all decisions, filings and transcripts from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, U.S. Supreme Court, and the U.S. District Court of South Carolina.