Wiggin and Dana Attorney Quoted in The Economist

September 1, 2012
New Haven – Wiggin and Dana Litigation Partner Jonathan Freiman, Chair of the Appellate and Complex Legal Issues Practice Group, was quoted in a September 1, 2012 article in The Economist, "The Trials of Ernesto Zedillo." The article discusses a case brought against Mr. Freiman's client, Ernesto Zedillo, the former president of Mexico. Mr. Zedillo, who is known as the man who brought democracy and respect for human rights to Mexico, is accused by the plaintiffs of being responsible for a 1997 massacre in Acteal, Mexico. The article, written by The Economist's correspondent in Mexico, concludes that the case is "based on tendentious and serially anonymous accusations." Mr. Freiman notes that "Those who for one reason or another were politically opposed to the tremendous reforms that [Mr. Zedillo] ushered in have reason to besmirch his reputation."