Wiggin and Dana Formally Establishes Accountant and Auditor Liability Defense Practice

November 6, 2015

Wiggin and Dana is pleased to announce the formal establishment of an Accountant and Auditor Liability Defense Practice. Chaired by James Bicks and Robert Hoff, this practice group has been engaged for well over a decade in providing advice through careful preparation and seasoned judgment to some of the most prominent accounting and auditing firms in the country. By strategically gathering our experienced attorneys under this formalized practice group, Wiggin and Dana can continue to provide high-quality services to clients in this area. To find more information about this practice and its attorneys, please click here.

The Accountant and Auditor Liability Defense Practice team recently published a report as part of the ABA's annual "50 State Survey of Accounting and Auditing Liability Issues". To view the report, click the printable PDF link below.