Wiggin and Dana Partner Discusses Benefits to Full Video Coverage in State Supreme and Appellate Courts in Connecticut Law Tribune Article

February 23, 2016

Jeffrey Babbin, a partner in the firm's Appellate and Complex Legal Issues Practice Group, was quoted in the Connecticut Law Tribune article, "Full Video Coverage Proposed for Conn. Supreme Court and Appellate Court," published on February 18.

The article discusses the proposed bill to increase coverage by the state's small public affairs television network, CT-N. The network would provide video coverage of all cases argued before the Supreme and Appellate courts.

The bill is supported by Judicial Branch members and prominent appellate attorneys like Mr. Babbin.

In the article, Mr. Babbin said "it's great news." He said the state's appellate system has recently adopted e-filing of briefs and appendices of all cases. "Rounding this out with easily available [videos of] oral arguments, online, makes the record complete."

He also said the streaming of video oral arguments, on demand, would be a valuable tool for research, education and client service. He said lawyers who are new to appellate argument could learn a lot from the archive.

Mr. Babbin talked about the benefit of having the cameras in the courtroom. "I'm usually oblivious to the camera, but I'm always happy afterwards to be able to review it, and send it to clients who are unable to attend," he said. "Just like they see our briefs, they can see the oral arguments. It's nice for the client."

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