Wiggin and Dana Partners Author a 2019 Update To Their Article “Patent Litigation: Mapping a Global Strategy", and the Intellectual Property Practice Group Continues to Expand Its Expertise

August 7, 2019
Thomson Reuters and The Practice Law Company

Wiggin and Dana partners, Joseph Casino and Mike Kasdan, provided a 2019 update to their article “Patent Litigation: Mapping a Global Strategy,” which is published by Thomson Reuters and The Practical Law Company.  The article provides basic information about global litigation and administrative proceedings for patent disputes, and discusses key strategic considerations when bringing patent litigation in different forums.  It includes updates regarding the litigation of standards essential patents (SEPs) and non-SEPs.

Wiggin and Dana’s IP Litigation group provides our clients who own or must defend against global patent portfolios with strategic litigation and licensing advice based on a careful consideration of these sorts of global strategic issues.  We also maintain a strong network of non-US law firms who we have vetted as qualified to assist in the major markets throughout the world.

In related news, Wiggin and Dana’s Intellectual Property Group continues to expand its expertise.  We have recently updated our website to highlight our Inter Partes Review and Post Grant Review Practice Group and Standard Essential Patent Licensing and Litigation Group.  Both are complex areas in which we offer sophisticated and experienced representation to help you solve your toughest IP problems.

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