Wiggin and Dana Proudly Sponsors Giving Day in Fairfield County

March 14, 2016

From left are Wiggin and Dana Partners Mark Kaduboski, Michael Clear and Evan Kipperman at the Giving Day launch event on March 10.

Stamford, CT — Wiggin and Dana was proud to sponsor and be a part of "Giving Day", which took place on Thursday, March 10th, and was hosted by the Fairfield County Community Foundation.

Giving Day is a 24-hour online giving challenge that brings the community together to support over 400 nonprofits in the Fairfield County region. Individuals, families, companies and nonprofits work together to raise as much money as possible in a single day. Nonprofits and donors also compete to raise funds for their organizations and win prizes. It is an amazing opportunity to shine the spotlight on the vibrant nonprofit community.

The Fairfield County Community Foundation had a very successful day and reported "a landslide day of giving" where 15,311 gifts were made and $1,246,964 was raised over 24-hours to support many Fairfield County nonprofits.

Wiggin and Dana was a Power Hour Sponsor during which an organization that raised the most funds on March 10th between 7pm-8pm, received a $5,000 donation, courtesy of Wiggin and Dana. The organization that received the Power Hour prize was Wildlife in Crisis (WIC). WIC was founded in 1988 and each year cares for over 5,000 injured and orphaned wild animals. They rely entirely on donations to care for debilitated wildlife. 

"All of our Wiggin and Dana employees were encouraged to participate in this unique day that supports the work of hundreds of local nonprofits," said Paul Hughes, Wiggin and Dana's Managing Partner. "And by also being a sponsor, we hoped to not only raise awareness with our clients and business partners, but to highlight our commitment to the local community all while helping to raise additional funds for these important groups."

To see a list of participating organizations and the amounts that each raised, please visit - https://fcgives.org/#leaderboard 

Frank Derico, executive director of Neighborhood Studios of Fairfield County, Wiggin and Dana Partner Michael Clear and Jim Himes, U.S. Representative for Connecticut's 4th Congressional District.

Wiggin and Dana Partner Michael Clear with Juanita T. James, President and CEO of the Fairfield County Community Foundation.