Wiggin & Dana and Simione Consultants release HIPAA Passport for Long-Term Care Providers

January 31, 2003

HIPAA Passport for Long-Term Care:

Developed by Wiggin & Dana LLP in collaboration with Simione Consulting, LLC, this two CD series contains all of the resources you will need for a fast track implementation of the Privacy Rule.  The CDs are divided into manageable “Project Guides” on Privacy Rule topics.  Each Project Guide contains a “plain English” summary of the requirements, model forms and policies, and various implementation tools.  There is a full section on Workforce training with a ready-made slide show.  All model forms and policies include relevant federal OBRA  privacy requirements.  A third CD will be available after HIPAA security regulations are released.  HIPAA Passport is recommended by the American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging;  a special discount is available for AAHSA members.

Special Note:  Members of the CANPFA/CALTC HIPAA Partnership will receive complimentary copies of the CDs.  Any  Connecticut long-term care provider ordering HIPAAPassport will receive a complimentary CD containing HIPAAPassport policies and forms modified to comply with Connecticut law.

Visit www.hipaapassport.com or click below to access an PDF order form for HIPAA Passport for Long-Term Care. For more information on Wiggin & Dana's HIPAA Practice Group click here.