Wiggin & Dana Retained by State of Connecticut in New Haven Mall Litigation

October 9, 2000

Wiggin & Dana has been retained by the State of Connecticut to represent both the Department of Economic and Community Development and the Office of Policy and Management in two highly publicized lawsuits which challenge the agencies' actions in relation to the proposed construction of the New Haven Mall. Brought under state environmental laws, the lawsuits -- one filed by the owner of a competitive mall, the other by a group of New Haven area citizens and downtown merchants -- seek to overturn the agencies' finding that the construction of the New Haven Mall will have no significant adverse impact on the environment. The outcome of the lawsuits promises to play a substantial role in the future development of the New Haven area. Shaun Sullivan serves as lead counsel to the agencies in these cases. Working with Mr. Sullivan on the matter are William Prout, Mark Kravitz, Jeffrey Babbin and Daniel Klau .