Wiggin & Dana Successful in Obtaining Approval of Electric Transmission Line

January 6, 2002

On January 3, 2002, the Connecticut Siting Council unanimously approved the application of Cross-Sound Cable Company, LLC for a certificate of environmental compatibility and public need to construct and operate a high-voltage electric transmission cable across Long Island Sound. The State’s Attorney General, Office of Consumer Counsel, the City of New Haven, several legislators and ad hoc groups had opposed the Siting Council approval.

Linda Randell, head of Wiggin & Dana’s Utilities and Regulated Industries Department, and Bruce McDermott, a senior associate in both the Utilities and Regulated Industries Department and Real Estate and Environmental Department, represented the transmission company before the Siting Council. Ms. Randell and Mr. McDermott successfully demonstrated to the Council that the cable will pose little or no adverse environmental impact on natural resources, and that the project will provide a public benefit by assuring the reliability of the electric power supply in the state and in the region and improving the regional transmission infrastructure.

Wiggin & Dana has been active in the practice of public utility and regulatory law for over 50 years. Members of the firm’s Utilities and Regulated Industries Department are recognized leaders in this area of the law. The firm has employed both its knowledge of the operation, structure and function of this sector of the economy and its experience in the regulatory process to achieve successful, and often innovative or historic, results for clients.