Are You Ready for the Agency Audit?

September 30, 2014
Wiggin and Dana's New Haven Office

Governmental agencies on both the federal and state level have recently been mandated to escalate efforts at auditing employers; in some cases, with the goal of identifying areas of systemic non-compliance. Some of these agencies have statutory authority to audit without advance notice.

This complimentary HR Circle program will address how to prepare for these agency audits, even when the auditor shows up at your door without notice. This presentation will include:

  • Department of Labor audits
  • OSHA audits
  • Department of Homeland Security audits
  • Best defenses
  • Preserving attorney/client communication and work product privileges
  • How to be proactive in preparing for audits

The program will also touch on the recent effort by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to challenge standard provisions in release agreements.

Labor and Employment attorneys Mary Gambardella and Najia Khalid and White Collar Defense, Investigations and Corporate Compliance attorney Joe Martini will address these scenarios and discuss what employers need to know. This program is beneficial to in-house counsel, legal staff, and human resource colleagues and contacts.