Thirteen Wiggin & Dana Lawyers Included in Best Lawyers in America 2003-04©

October 31, 2002

Best Lawyers bases its listings on a year-long survey of the legal profession in which attorneys nationwide are asked to rate the top practitioners in their specialties in their jurisdictions.  Less than 3% of all lawyers in the country were selected for this honor. 

New Best Lawyers include:

Robert M. Langer - Antitrust Law

Edward Wood Dunham -Business Litigation.

Continuing Best Lawyers:

Jeanette C. Schreiber - Health Care Law

Maureen Weaver - Health Care Law.

Best Lawyers of 10 or more years:

Melinda Agsten - Health Care Law

William C. Baskin - Public Utility Law

J. Michael Eisner - Health Care Law

Mark R. Kravitz - Business Litigation; First Amendment Law

Linda L. Randell - Public Utility Law

Shaun S. Sullivan - Business Litigation; Personal Injury Litigation.

Best Lawyers of 20 or more years:

William J. Doyle - Business Litigation; Personal Injury Litigation

Charles C. Kingsley - Trust and Estates.

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