Wiggin and Dana Lawyers Participate in Second Annual L.A.W. Camp for Teens

July 19, 2013

Wiggin and Dana lawyers John Doroghazi, Christine Jean-Louis, Najia Khalid, Caroline Park and Carolina Ventura delivered a presentation on what it's like to be a lawyer on the final day of the second annual L.A.W. Camp program. In addition, Christine Jean-Louis also served as a mock trial coach during the program.

The L.A.W. Camp, which stands for Love to Learn, Apply Yourself, and Work for Justice, created for New Haven teens, was developed by Attorney Sung-Ho Hwang and Judge Angela Robinson. The program provides teens with the opportunity to learn about the legal profession through working with law students, law professors, law clerks, practicing lawyers, and judges, and included a series of workshops, panel discussions, and a mock trial. The teens are selected from LEAP's Leaders-In-Training program.

The three-day program was held at various locations including Wiggin and Dana, Yale Law School, Quinnipiac University School of Law, and the New Haven Superior Court.