Wiggin and Dana Partner Quoted in Connecticut Law Tribune Article About Cracking House Foundations

May 12, 2016

Wiggin and Dana Partner Robert Langer was quoted in the Connecticut Law Tribune article, "Conn. Officials Strike Deal in Matter Involving Cracking House Foundations."

According to the article, hundreds of Connecticut homeowners have experienced cracking in their basement walls, allegedly due to faulty concrete. This issue is subject of a recently filed lawsuit and an ongoing investigation by the state Office of the Attorney General.

Two companies, Joseph J. Mottes Co. and Becker Construction Co. have voluntarily agreed to stop setting material or product containing aggregate from the Willington quarry for use in residential concrete foundations in Connecticut until June 20, 2017.

Mr. Langer sent a letter on behalf of J. Mottes Co. and Becker Construction stating several facts the companies wanted to make clear to the public. (To read the full letter, click here.)

"Mottes and Becker continue to strongly believe that the current situation involving residential foundations in Eastern Connecticut is an installation issue," Mr. Langer's letter said. He also wrote that aggregate from the quarry has been routinely tested by the state and "has met all regulations and standards."

"The forming of foundations by installers and builders, on the other hand, is unregulated, unlicensed, unsupervised and uninspected – but needs to be, as these installation practices have the most significant effect on a foundation's strength and durability."

To read the full article, please click here.